Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy currency online?

Not currently but we are continually launching new and innovative foreign currency services, including the ability to buy online. Currently you can reserve your currency online for collection. Payment will be taken when you collect your currency

Which stores can I reserve currency for collection at?

There are many stores which are available as pick up stores. To find out more about our reserve and collect stores, please click here.

Will I get the rates shown on your website?

The rates quoted are indicative and subject to change. The rate you receive will be subject to when you go to the store and how much you want to exchange. Our guarantee means you’ll get the best rate, either the online rate on the day of collection or the in store rate.

What documents will I need to provide when collecting reserved foreign currency?


Indian Nationals & Foreign Nationals residing in India: 

  1. Passport
  2. Confirmed ticket
  3. PAN card or Form 60 (only if customer does not have PAN & is paying INR cash above INR 25,000
  4. Address Proof *

Addn. doc. for Foreign National residing in India  

  1. India Visa Page duly stamped by Immigration Authorities.
  2. Residence Permit


Non Resident Indians / Foreign Nationals:

  1. Passport
  2. Confirmed ticket (Travel within 7 days)
  3. Encashment certificate (In case value > INR 10,000)
  4. Valid Indian VISA
  5. Address Proof* (if address is not mentioned on the passport and customer is not able to produce any address proof a “Declaration of Permanent Address” duly signed by customer may be obtained)


ACCEPTABLE ID & Address Proof: 


ACCEPTABLE IDs (With Photo of the customer)




Voter’s Identity card,

Driving Licence,

PAN Card,

Govt issued Identity Card,

Aadhar (UIDAI) Card

Letter from a recognized public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the customer to the satisfaction of the AP.

Telephone/ Mobile/ Electricity/ Gas Bill

Bank Account/ Credit Card Statement. 

Ration Card,


* If the address on the Identification document is same as that declared by customer, it may be accepted as a valid proof of both identity and address. If the address on the Identification document differs from the current address declared by the customer, a separate proof of address should be obtained.

For more information, please contact a Travelex stores

How soon can I buy my foreign exchange?

Foreign exchange can be bought 14 days prior to departure.

What currencies can I reserve online?

Customers can reserve any currency listed below:  

 Australia, Dollar 


 Bahrain, Dinar 


 Canada, Dollar 


 China, Yuan Renminbi 


 Denmark, Krone 




 Hong Kong, Dollar 


 Japan, Yen 


 Kuwait, Dinar 


 Malaysia, Ringgit 


 New Zealand, Dollar 


 Norway, Krone 


 Oman, Rial 


 Qatar, Rial 


 Saudi Arabia, Riyal 


 Singapore, Dollar 


 South Africa, Rand 


 Sweden, Krona 


 Switzerland, Franc 


 Thailand, Baht 


 United Arab Emirates, Dirham 


 United Kingdom, Pound 


 United States of America, Dollar 



When can I pick up my reserved currency?

For our most popular currencies reserved up to an order value of INR 50,000, they can be available for collection after 24hrs, provided that we receive your online order by 15.00 hrs IST.  

For our least popular currencies, they can be available for collection after 3 working days, provided that we receive your online order by 15.00 hrs IST. 

Please note, all reservations above INR 50,000 can only be available for collection after 3 working days, provided that we receive your online order by 15.00 hrs IST. Payment for any online orders above 50,000 INR will only be accepted through a bank cheque. 


How can I get a free home delivery for my ordered online currency & a free Travelex Rate Advantage? 

You can take advantage of our free home delivery & a free Travelex Rate Advantage for your reserved online currency if the reservation value of your order is above INR 50,000.  


How does a Travelex Rate Advantage work? 

If the reservation value of your order is above INR 50,000 you get a free TRA. This means that the customer can return their leftover unused currency at any Travelex stores across India at a Travelex Wholesale rate and commission free.  


What store and date do I need to select while reserving my currency online?

The customer will select the exact store and date in which they are going to collect their currency and not the date of travel.


Can I pay by bank cheque or card at the time of pick up? 

No payment will be taken online while reserving the foreign currency. Payment will be accepted in cash only (for value up to 50,000 INR only) when customers collect their order from the selected store.


What rate will I get for my reserved online foreign currency at the time of pick up?

If the store rate is better than the online rate offered on that day, the customer will receive the standard walk up rate. Customers who have reserved online will always get our Travelex best rate.


Can the customer reserve Traveler’s Cheques or Pre paid Travel Money Cards online?

Not currently - only cash foreign currencies can be reserved online.  These products can be reserved at the store directly.


Can the customer request more or less currency than they have originally reserved?

Yes, depending on the availability of the foreign currency at the store.


Can the customer cancel any order?

Yes. The customer can call the store to cancel the reservation.


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